Long story short: Had TravelPro large suitcase. Used it twice and never even checked it. Second time, it tipped over in the hotel room. The pull out handle was bent so bad it wouldn't retract, making the case (which was in otherwise pristine condition) unusable.

E-mailed the company, but they made me take it into their "Authorized Repair Center," 45 minutes from where I live (one way), before they would even comment on whether their "lifetime warranty" would cover it.

After several e-mails and calls, and 3 hours and counting of my life, I am told that they won't cover the costs of repair, which are about $40.

Any suitcase that tips over once and becomes completely useless is, in fact, defective. They should be built to take a minimal amount of normal use, and I have several pieces of less luggage that have endured much worse.

But, TravelPro feels otherwise, and seems to believe that its business model is better served by saving $40 (or, I imagine it would have been even less for them)than keeping a customer.

I got the run-around for nothing, when any other company would have been bending over backwards to make things right.

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Long Beach, California, United States #810910

Just called to check if an issue with two of my Platinum II bags will be covered under their "Limited Lifetime Warranty" - seams are coming apart. I was told that their "Limited Lifetime Warranty" EXPIRED IN 2010!!!!!

I called and asked teh Customer (lack of) service person how I was to know the "Limited Lifetime Warranty" had an expiration date when it was 1 - not on the documentation that came with the bag and 2 - not on the website. In fact, the website states that their Atlantic line has a 10 year warranty and the Paltinum II has Limited Lifetime Warranty. So what is the definition of Limited Lifetime?

When the company decides to stop honoring it? I like the bags, but the conditions under which we originally purchased them are not being met.


to check company like Travel pro International ask them to honer their advertising. Just to purchase and write a review does not say about customer service the company offers during the lifetime warranty on Platinum product.

. I support claims as company stop carrying about the customer when they support the advertising that issued with product.

But sadly it stops when you need it. Goodwill of the company is a joke when Travelpro refuse the warranty you are entitle to in the first place.


to BOOO Mobile, Alabama, United States #643572

In a year since the latest complaint nothing seems to have changed. The part I need for my handle has been on backorder since at least March 26th with no ETA. They are not willing to do anything to keep me as a customer, so I'm off to anywhere but TravelPro/Atlantic.


the travel pro platinum warranty refused. director of repairs refused any help as she does not care not about customer and not people she works for.

the business was build the hard way and today you are loosing customers. we found travel pro failed us


I have had Travelpro luggage for the past 20 years. I have never had a problem.

I just replaced my old bag and am using their new Crew 8. I could not be happier.

The only problem I had with my old bag was losing the zipper pulls. I chalked that up to baggage handlers.

Otherwise...love my Travelpro

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